Wartrol Review – I Used It For 30 Days And Here’s What Happened..

I’ve been using Wartrol I bought from Wartrol.com to try and get rid of this nasty wart that I’ve had on my hand since I was a kid.

So, I thought I’d write this review and share my results with y’all.

(Update) This post has been getting some love from the search engines and now there are some excellent Wartrol reviews here from other people who have used it!

This post is quite long so I decided to write this super short Wartrol review here just to sum everything up just in case you’re really busy and don’t feel like reading too much, here goes..

I had this horrible wart on my thumb that I I’ve been trying to get rid of for years with no luck.

After using it for just a few days I started to notice the wart was drying out and not as big.

After 30 days my wart was completely gone and there was no sign it was ever there.

You can see my Wartrol before and after pictures here.

It’s now almost 6 months later and my wart has not reappeared!

Ever since I was a kid I’ve had this nasty wart on my hand.

I remember being at school and one of the kids spread a rumour that I had a disease.

When I got home from school I said to my Mom.

“Mom do I have a disease? What’s this thing on my hand?”

She told me that it’s just a wart and I shouldn’t worry.

Afterwards she baked me a big bowl of cookies and I felt happy.

At least for a while.

Ever since that day all those years ago I’ve tried almost every single home remedy under the Sun to get rid of it.

And I mean all of them.

I even had a Google alert setup to notify me whenever some new article gets written about how to get rid of warts.

So I’ve tried it all.

And guess what.

Not a single one of them worked.

I’ve also tried about 50 over the counter medicines and creams and absolutely none of them worked.

A couple of times I tried a cream and it felt like the wart was “drying out” so I thought it was clearing up but nope it was just my imagination.

And I once tried to cut it with a knife but it started started bleeding really bad and when it healed it came back even worse. 🙁

(By the way never try to cut off a wart. Warts can spread when you cut into them. So you could end up with tons of them.)

So one evening while I was on the sofa reading a book my phone suddenly lit up.

It was a message from Google notifying me that something had been written about getting rid of warts.


Let’s take a look.

The notification turned out to be from someone called Lucy who had used a product called Wartrol.

Wartrol was new at the time so I had never heard of it.

Like me she said she had tried other stuff with no luck but within a month her wart was gone.

I looked down and stared at the wart I had grown so accustomed to and I said this thing has to go.

So I bought myself some Wartrol and within a few days it arrived.


Now I won’t lie..

Even though I saw it had worked so well for Lucy I was doubtful that it would work for me.

Hopeful but doubtful.

But I just had to give Wartrol a chance incase I was wrong.

The Wartrol system is very simple.

You get a homeopathic spray to spray under your tongue and the liquid to put on the wart.

The spray is supposed to help kill the wart from the inside and the solution is to kill the wart from the outside.

After just 3 or 4 days I could already start to see a difference.

The wart felt dryer and didn’t look as puffy.

Almost as if it was dying.

For the next 30 days I used Wartrol religiously and I never missed a dose.

My Wartrol Results

For several weeks after finishing with Wartrol I was super scared that my wart would suddenly reappear.

But it’s been several months now and there’s still no sign of it so I feel confident that my results with Wartrol are permanent.

As I write this now I’m looking at my hand and it feels so good to see clear skin where the wart used to be.

In the past whenever I was around people I would always find myself hiding my hand in my pocket or behind my back because I didn’t want them to see my wart.

But thanks to Wartrol I don’t have to do that anymore.

And now that I’ve found something that works I’ve turned off Google notifications for any wart related keywords.

That chapter of my life is over.

So if you have any warts that you wish to get rid of then don’t waste your time with home remedies because they don’t work.

Give Wartrol a try because it’s the only thing I know that works.

Wartrol Reviews

Below are some reviews from other customers who have used this product.

Wartrol worked!

I started using this Wartrol product 1 week ago and my wart is all dry and flaky, so far so good. I will update soon.


My update: So I have been using it for 6 weeks now and my wart is completely gone.


Finally I am free of this horrible wart.


great product

I had a wart on my big toe and a couple on my hand that I used to feel very self-conscious about so I order 3 bottles of Wartrol, one for each wart because I heard it has an 87% success rate.

Well all can say is that it worked for me. The wart on my toe was gone in less than 8 weeks and the 2 on my hand were gone in about 26 days.

It was amazing to see them drying out and shrinking and little bits of dead skin would fall off of them until eventually they were completely gone.

On my big toe there’s just a faint white mark where the wart used to be and there’s no sign of anything on my hands.

This is a great product for getting rid of warts.

Joe T.

Wartrol Works!

So does Wartrol work? To find out I bought a bottle to test it. Here are some pics.


It works!


Wartrol worked great for me.

Suddenly when I started going to the gym I got these disgusting warts on my hand. I had no idea that they were contagious and before I knew it I had about 5 of them.

I tried a bunch of home remedies like vinegar and tea tree oil and stuff but nothing worked.

I tried a couple of wart treatments I found at the local shops but they didn’t help.

I even started wearing gloves and hiding my hand because I was too ashamed to let anyone see them.

Anyway, read all these Wartrol reviews and saw all these people getting good results with it and didn’t think twice about giving it a try.

Because I had a lot of warts I bought their biggest package and got 5 bottles. I spread the solution all over the warts and put some duct tape on them because I heard that helps.

7 weeks later all the warts were gone and my hand looked fresher than ever. You would never even know there were any warts on there.

Pic of hand

By the way I no longer go to that gym I workout from home now!

And at least if I ever get warts again I know that I’ll be able to use Wartrol to get rid of them.


Don’t forget to leave your own review here if you have used this product!

What is it?

Wartrol is an “at home” solution for getting rid of all kinds of warts. It’s made up of FDA approved ingredients so it’s completely safe and effective.

With over 3,500,000 bottles sold this product has become one of the bestselling wart removal products of all time.

A recent poll conducted on over 900 Wartrol customers showed that 87% of them found it effective at getting rid of their warts.

How do you use it?

It’s actually very easy to use.

Step 1: Clean the area with soap where the wart is located and let it dry.

Step 2: Apply the Wartrol solution to the wart.

Step 3: Let the area dry for 20 minutes before covering.

Do this once or twice daily and your wart should be gone within 3-12 weeks.

How Does Wartrol Work?

The main ingredient is a 17% concentration of salicylic acid (which is a powerful dose).

Salicylic acid is a Keratolytic which means it thins the skin and causes shedding.

A 17% concentration helps to kill the virus which is what caused the wart in the first place and then helps to soften and dissolve the abnormal skin cells that make up the wart.

You will find that your wart seems to dry up and shed itself into nothingness within 30-90 days.

Studies on the Wartrol main ingredient, Salicylic Acid

Here are some studies about the effectiveness of salicylic acid on warts.

  1.  A Fox news story shows that a high dose of this ingredient can be more effective than laser therapy or the use of liquid nitrogen.
  2. An article by WebMD says that when trying to get rid of a wart your first choice should be to try a product containing salicylic acid.
  3. The WebMD also recommends that after you use a product like Wartrol that contains salicylic acid that you first let it dry and then place duct-tape over the wart which will help the salicylic acid penetrate more deeply into the skin.
  4. This article by the NHS recommends using a product that contains salicylic acid to get rid of warts.
  5. This study by the BMJ concluded that salicylic acid is just as effective at getting rid of warts as cryotherapy.
  6. According to the National Institute of Health article on warts salicylic acid can be used to get rid of warts.
  7. And this NIH article estimates that products like Wartrol that contain salicylic acid have a cure rate of up to 80% if used for up to 12 weeks.

Conclusion: Salicylic acid is a proven cure for getting rid of warts which is why according to the poll 87% of user find it effective.

Tip – Like the WebMD article said above you might want to try putting duct-tape on the wart after applying Wartrol to help with absorption.

Warning – do not place the solution on any cuts or open wounds around the wart as this could result in salicylic acid poisoning so make sure it only gets on the wart.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to work? My wart was completely cleared up in 30 days so I only needed one bottle however some people find that it take up to 12 weeks for their warts to completely disappear.

I recommend buying their buy 2 get 1 free offer which will last 12 weeks so you can be sure to get rid of your wart.

Does it hurt? No, you might feel a tingling sensation sometimes but it doesn’t hurt and if you don’t get the solution into any cuts or wounds you should be fine, even if you do get it into a cut you can just wash it off.

Will it leave a scar? The salicylic acid solution helps to dissolve and shed layers of skin and the risk of scarring is very minimal.

Will it work for me? According the government websites National Institute of Health salicylic acid is effective on up to 81% of users and a poll on Wartrol customers concluded that 87% of customers found it got rid of their warts.

So yes, the chances are high that it will work for you like it worked for me and countless others.

If you have any other questions you would like to ask then please ask in the comments.

The pros and cons of using Wartrol

Here are some of the pros and cons that I can think of.


Time – Although it worked for me in less than 30 days some users might find it takes 12 weeks or longer to completely get rid of the wart.

Might not work for everyone – Wartrol has an 87% success rate which means it doesn’t work for 13% of people.


Works for most people – 87% is almost 9 out of 10 so there’s a good chance it will work for you.

Price – If you buy the buy 2 get one free package it works out to just $33.30 a bottle which is very cheap when you consider that cryotherapy (freezing the wart off with liquid nitrogen) can cost up to $400 a session and will likely leave a scar.

Plus, the BMJ says that salicylic acid is just as effective as cryotherapy.

Should You Buy Wartrol Or Not?

If you have any unsightly warts that you would like to get rid of then without a doubt you should try Wartrol.

With an 87% success rate if used for up to 12 weeks there a good chance it will get rid of your warts.

It worked for me when nothing else would and it’s worked for countless other people so it gets my full recommendation.

Because it might take up to 12 weeks to work I recommend the buy 2 get 1 free package.

Be careful where you order from because there are fakes being sold online.

The official website to buy from is Wartrol.com so only buy from there so you know you are getting the real product.

If you have any questions about Wartrol or would like to leave a review then post it in the comments below!

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Does it work for all warts? My wart is on my foot.


In total I had 6 warts on me that I wanted to get rid of. I had a couple on my hand, a few on my feet and one on my face.

Wartrol got rid of all of them, now you can barely see there was even a wart there.

So yep, it will get rid of your wart wherever it is, it’s powerful stuff.


Dude this wartrol stuff is really working for me. I am a week in and my wart is about half the size it was before. i will let you know how it goes.


I use wartrol too on a wart on my big toe and now it is gone. It is powerful product. so happy.


Good to hear Antonio. I have a wart in the same place so I hope it gets rid of mine too! I heard it contains a strong dose of salicylic acid which helps dissolve the wart from the inside! Here’s hoping!


What if it doesn’t work for me. is there a refund offer? I have tried lots of products to get rid of my wart and nothing has worked.


Thanks for sharing your results and writing these articles about getting rid of warts John, I have a couple of warts I would like to get rid of so I’ll be ordering some for my self soon.

Wish me luck!

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