After 30 days of using Wartrol I’m happy to be sharing my review and results.

If you don’t feel like reading then you can see my Wartrol before and after pics right here.

Ever since I was a kid I’ve had this nasty wart on my hand.

I remember being at school and one of the kids spread a rumour that I had a disease.

When I got home from school I said to my Mom.

“Mom do I have a disease? What’s this thing on my hand?”

She told me that it’s just a wart and I shouldn’t worry.

Afterwards she baked me a big bowl of cookies and I felt happy.

At least for a while.

Ever since that day all those years ago I’ve tried almost every single home remedy under the Sun to get rid of it.

And I mean all of them.

I even had a Google alert setup to notify me whenever some new article gets written about how to get rid of warts.

So I’ve tried it all.

And guess what.

Not a single one of them worked.

I’ve also tried about 50 over the counter medicines and creams and absolutely none of them worked.

A couple of times I tried a cream and it felt like the wart was “drying out” so I thought it was clearing up but nope it was just my imagination.

And I once tried to cut it with a knife but it started started bleeding really bad and when it healed it came back even worse. 🙁

(By the way never try to cut off a wart. Warts can spread when you cut into them. So you could end up with tons of them.)

So one evening while I was on the sofa reading a book my phone suddenly lit up.

It was a message from Google notifying me that something had been written about getting rid of warts.


Let’s take a look.

The notification turned out to be from someone called Lucy who had used a product called Wartrol.

Wartrol was new at the time so I had never heard of it.

Like me she said she had tried other stuff with no luck but within a month her wart was gone.

I looked down and stared at the wart I had grown so accustomed to and I said this thing has to go.

So I bought myself some Wartrol and within a few days it arrived.


Now I won’t lie..

Even though I saw it had worked so well for Lucy I was doubtful that it would work for me.

Hopeful but doubtful.

But I just had to give Wartrol a chance incase I was wrong.

The Wartrol system is very simple.

You get a homeopathic spray to spray under your tongue and the liquid to put on the wart.

The spray is supposed to help kill the wart from the inside and the solution is to kill the wart from the outside.

After just 3 or 4 days I could already start to see a difference.

The wart felt dryer and didn’t look as puffy.

Almost as if it was dying.

For the next 30 days I used Wartrol religiously and I never missed a dose.

My Wartrol Results

For several weeks after finishing with Wartrol I was super scared that my wart would suddenly reappear.

But it’s been several months now and there’s still no sign of it so I feel confident that my results with Wartrol are permanent.

As I write this now I’m looking at my hand and it feels so good to see clear skin where the wart used to be.

In the past whenever I was around people I would always find myself hiding my hand in my pocket or behind my back because I didn’t want them to see my wart.

But thanks to Wartrol I don’t have to do that anymore.

And now that I’ve found something that works I’ve turned off Google notifications for any wart related keywords.

That chapter of my life is over.

So if you have any warts that you wish to get rid of then don’t waste your time with home remedies because they don’t work.

Give Wartrol a try because it’s the only thing I know that works.

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