After Using Probolan 50 For The Last 6 Months I’ve Decided To Post My Results..

I can’t believe it’s already been 6 months since I began using Probolan 50!

So I’ve decided to write this review to share my story and my results.

My before and after pics are here by the way.

When I was in my early 20’s I worked out for a couple of hours every day and was in the best shape of my life.

But then I had to focus on my job so I stopped working out for a few years.

Then one day I looked in the mirror and I was 28 years old.

I was out of shape, looked like shit and had fat all around my belly.

I had turned into the guy I probably would have made fun of back when I was younger.

Being so out of shape was a real knock on my confidence and as as single man I was finding it hard to get any attention from women.

So I thought fuck it I’m going to start working out again and get back in shape.

I bought myself a gym membership, a pre workout and some protein.

I thought I could just carry on where I left off right?


I went into that gym and even with a good pre workout flowing through my veins I just couldn’t muster up the energy to get a really good pump going.

After trying to workout for 30-45 minutes I’d end up going and taking a shower feeling all itchy because the beta alanine in the pre workout still hadn’t worn off yet.

I was tired all the time and lethargic so I started Google and reading bodybuilding forums to find out what was wrong with me.

A lot of people were saying that it could be to do with low testosterone that happens as you get older.

One guy recommended I try this stuff called Probolan 50 which is a testosterone booster.

After Googling it I discovered that lots of guys were posting about how it was helping them get in shape and making them feel better.

There seemed to be a lot of guys just like me that needed a little something extra to help them get results in the gym and just feel better in general.

Even though there were lots of good reviews I was still a bit skeptical but I decided to give Probolan 50 a try.

So I ordered their buy 3 get 3 free package for a total of 6 and within a few days I was all ready to go.


After my Probolan 50 arrived I took 2 tablets straight away and within 5 minutes I had a boost of energy.

So I took my pre workout and headed to the gym.

It was only the first day but I had a pretty good workout.

I read somewhere that it takes a little time for you to get the maximum benefits from Probolan 50 because the ingredients need to build up in within your body.

So I carried on taking them and every day that went by I found that my workouts were getting better and better.

They were becoming more intense and I started to feel like the old me again when I was in my early 20s.

After just 1 week of taking Probolan 50 I went to the gym one day and literally worked out for 2 hours straight.

And by the time I left the gym I had the biggest pump of my life.

It was chest day and my chest felt like I had 2 balloons in them!

Here’s the full list of changes that I noticed when I started taking Probolan 50.

  • I instantly had more energy that lasted pretty much all day. I couldn’t wait to get in the gym.
  • My sleep became a lot better and I got more rest.
  • I started getting out of bed in the mornings right away instead of hitting the snooze button.
  • My skin started getting better.
  • In the gym I found I could workout for hours!
  • Every gym session that went by I started lifting heavier and heavier. I just felt so strong.
  • I started burning fat very fast which showed off my muscle gains nicely.
  • I started looking and feeling healthier.
  • And I started getting rock hard erections.
  • I found Probolan 50 to be very powerful and I noticed these changes at only 2 tablets per day.

Pretty soon thanks to Probolan 50 and all my hard work in the gym my appearance started changing too.

I burned off a lot of fat and gained quite a bit of muscle.

Here’s my results after 6 months of using Probolan 50

To be honest I’m very happy with my results.

I won’t be winning any bodybuilding competitions any time soon but I feel so much better now than I did 6 months ago.

Plus I’m getting a lot more attention from the ladies now too. 🙂

I believe that if you’re willing to put in the effort to workout then you can expect some amazing results with Probolan 50.

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I really want to build some muscle but so far I’m struggling. I’ve bought some probolan 50 so i hope it works as good for me too. I’ll let ya know.